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179 pages Stress - Reading with Andres Andrekson and Daniel Ryser

Reading with Andres Andrekson and Daniel Ryser.


01.02.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 25.00 / 20.00
Workshop Kultur-Bar

In 2023 Stress celebrates its 20th stage anniversary. The story of how Andres Andrekson became "Stress" and thus a formative figure in the Swiss music scene is remarkable and is groomed with great successes and deep setbacks.

The whole development is now processed in his biography "179 pages Stress" (publisher: Echtzeit): In his latest book, author Daniel Ryser traces the life of Andres Andrekson. Ryser describes Andrekson's childhood in Estonia, which was occupied by the Russians, his escape and eventual arrival in Switzerland. He interweaves dazzling love affairs with father's beatings and gold status, writing a piece of Swiss music history along the way. In the process, Ryser reveals a man who arrives at the very top while constantly fighting the terror that has saturated his life. The book is now available in bookstores.

From February 2023, Daniel Ryser and Stress will start their joint reading tour. Together they will read from "179 Pages of Stress" in clubs all over Switzerland. Tickets for the reading tour are available now at stressmusic.com.

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