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4km/h - 14'000 km to Jerusalem and back


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Explora multimedia show. An award-winning lecture by Johannes Schwarz, full of self-irony, humor and with a pinch of spirituality.


09.12.2022 from 19:30 to 22:00 o'clock
from CHF 16.- to CHF 37.- for adults
Kirchgemeindehaus Titthof

Away from well-known pilgrimage routes, the priest Johannes Schwarz hikes 14,000 km to Jerusalem and back again. On the way across Eastern Europe, Russia and Iran, on the way back via Turkey, Greece and Italy. It is a way of encounters, whether with young people on the beach, Bedouins at the campfire or pimps on the highway. An award-winning lecture full of self-irony, humor and with a pinch of spirituality.

At a speed of 4 km/h, Johannes Schwarz travels through 26 countries in 15 months. He crosses the Ukrainian steppe, trudges along the Russian Black Sea coast, stands together with a stray dog on the highest mountain in Armenia and listens to Arabic disco pop at the lowest point on earth. He visits remote Georgian rock monasteries and lies bleeding on an Italian roadside. But he is most deeply touched by the lonely silence of the desert – a silence that "is not empty, but is filled with a present; a silence in which God Himself speaks to the heart," he says.

His lecture has already thrilled tens of thousands of visitors in German-speaking countries, and now Schwarz is finally showing his award-winning live show in Switzerland. It is a lecture with depth, but by no means only for pious visitors, Swiss guardsmen and churchgoers.


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