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ART-PUBLIC 2021: Public tour HORST by Florian Bach

Guided tour with Annina Pandiani, art historian MA.


30.10.2021 at 14:00 o'clock
Price sFr. 15.00

Guided tour with Annina Pandiani, art historian MA.
The installation HORST by Florian Bach (*1975) is a small colony of eight black wooden cabins that has temporarily settled on the roof of the residential building at Seilerbahnweg 15 on the outskirts of Chur. Visible from different points of view of the streets and houses of the city, from the Rosenhügel and from the Brambrüeschbahn, the viewers are denied access to the interior of the cabins themselves. Already in 2019, Florian Bach's work OASE - a bitumed flag on an asphalt patch in the grass of the Rosenhügel - announced the arrival of a larger colony as a harbinger as part of the art project BEGEGNUNGEN. Now there is another outpost with hoisted flags in the city and raises questions. HORST exists as an extension of the residential building below and refers to the uncertain further development and malleability of the city in its border zones. Especially in the simultaneous withdrawal and generation of space lies a tension that Bach uses to address the city as a political territory. How much space is who willing to take and who is willing to give? What if the balance of power changes?
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Requirements: The installation on the roof is not accessible for safety reasons. We ask you to respect the privacy of the residents and not to enter the residential building. Thank you very much!


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