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Event Felsberg

At the table: evening service with "wine and appetizers"

Evening service with "wine and appetizers" at the table in the parish hall with Rev. Fadri Ratti. From eating and drinking together, the divine service develops. Welcome!

Municipal House Felsberg

Schulstrasse 1, 7012 Felsberg


30.10.2022 at 19:00 o'clock
Municipal House Felsberg

From Easter to the end of October, the construction work for the redesign of the church and the cemetery continues. During this time, the services take place in the parish hall or outside. The flexibility of the community hall is to be used during the transitional period to try out a variety of forms, especially with regard to the new table.

The board and the parish office have set themselves the following goals:
* Preparing the congregation for the future flexible use of the church
* Putting the idea of the table and the community into practice
* Trying out, gaining experience, readjusting
* A new worship concept


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