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Book premiere Philipp Gurt – «Katharina»

The executioner's daughter


25.08.2022 at 19:30 o'clock
Fr. 10.– per person
Chur City Library

It is the summer of the century 2003, a heat wave keeps Europe in suspense. Silvana Casura, a young woman from Chur, is increasingly losing control of her life while researching the Middle Ages. A time when Chur attracted not only rich merchants, but also all sorts of rabble-rousers and shady figures. In a strange way, Silvana's life connects with that of ten-year-old Katharina, the daughter of the executioner of Chur, who ends up in the mills of the Inquisition in 1510. Present and past blur, what is believed to be certain no longer lasts, for Silvana there is no escape. They and Katharina are united by their strong will: they want to survive – and find their happiness despite all obstacles.

The book was first published in February 2010 and is now expected to be published as a new completely revised version in August 2022.

Philipp Gurt was born in 1968 as the seventh of eight children into a mountain farming family in Graubünden. He grew up in various children's homes. Already as a teenager he wrote texts and short stories. At the age of twenty he finished his first novel. Several of his books became bestsellers in Switzerland. In 2017 he received the Swiss Author Award.

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