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A dance theatre that makes you strong. From 10 years.


15.11.2022 at 14:15 o'clock
15.11.2022 at 19:30 o'clock
16.11.2022 at 10:15 o'clock
16.11.2022 at 19:30 o'clock
CHF 42.00 / 28.00 / *15.00 (patron / regular / reduced)
Theatre Chur

We don't always have everything under control. We let ourselves go. We are not always nice. We sometimes feel sad, sometimes angry, without knowing why. And even though we are often ashamed of it, our demons are a part of us that makes us alive.

What do your demons look like? Do you talk to them? Do they dance with you?

The dance theatre «dÄmonen» is the result of intensive research with children and young people. Ives and Nora are grown up, bring demons from their childhood and try to look their current demons in the eye. In the theatre, a fearless meeting space is created in which we ask our demons to dance.

"dÄmonen" is full of life affirmation, energy, dance and sensual images.

From 10 years.


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