Etappe 1: Parpan - Parpan, Flowtour Graubünden

65.5 km
6:00 h
430 mhd
2240 mhd

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The starting point of the "Flowtour Graubünden" is the Alpine town of Chur. The two bike destinations Lenzerheide and Flims, but also all other top bike regions can be reached quickly and easily from Chur by public transport.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2322 m
Lowest Point  847 m
Best Season
46.760934, 9.555806



The beginning of the first stage is clumsy. The Postbus takes you from Chur to Parpan. Then it's time to get into the saddle in the direction of Tiefencastel, where the trail fun really begins. The route leads via Lantsch in the direction of Davos to Brienz. A highlight for the eye: the view of the impressive Landwasser viaduct of the Rhaetian Railway. The Postbus takes you from Tiefencastel back to Lenzerheide, then takes you by chairlift to the Scalottas, where you already enjoy the last descent of the day to Parpan. But please don't forget to enjoy the impressive view because of all the biking. Download Trailbook now!

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If you want to shorten the route a bit, drive from Crappa Naira to Surava and along the Albula to Tiefencastel.

At Filisur you reach the Landwasser Viaduct, one of the impressive buildings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Albulaline of the Rhaetian Railway.

If you have time and leisure, make a detour to the thermal bath in Alvaneu Bad.


At Chur station we hang the bikes on the rear carrier of the Postbus in the direction of Lenzerheide. Almost half an hour later, it really starts. We get off in Parpan, grab the mountain railway tickets at the Hotel Alpina and swing into the saddle. A short stretch of the route leads via Lenzerheide in the direction of Tiefencastel. At the end of the village we turn for a few meters towards Muldain, where the trail fun begins. Parallel to the main road, sometimes on the right, then again on the left, the route leads to Lantsch and finally for a few meters on the country road in the direction of Davos. The route then runs slightly below the road to Brienz and then on wonderful single trails to the bus stop Crappa Naira. This is where the Postbus stops in the middle of no man's land – but just right for us to take the yellow shuttle to Wiesen. In Wiesen we lift the bike from the rear carrier and pedal right away. The bike route starts in the lower part of the village and leads in the direction of Wiesen station. At a sharp left turn we take the forest road straight, which soon becomes narrower and finally leads as a crisp single trail to the Leidboden. The route now leads along the River Landwasser until we are directly below the famous Landwasser Viaduct of the Rhaetian Railway. From this perspective, the building looks even more imposing than from above. We follow the path to the main road and take the signposted bike route to Tiefencastel. Country roads, forest paths and single trails alternate, with the last section between Surava and Tiefencastel in particular offering great fun. In Tiefencastel we grab the Postbus back to Lenzerheide. We roll to the scalottas valley station and take the chairlift up to the Scalottas summit. It is the starting point for the final descent of the day to Parpan, where you can relax in the graubündenBIKE-Hotel Alpina and strengthen yourself with fine Graubünden specialities.

Effective kilometres on the bike: 41 km

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