Sport- und Eventanlagen Chur, Schweiz


Obere Au Barbecue Area

At the Obere Au outdoor swimming pool there is a well equipped grill with coal or electric barbecues, comfortable seating and sun shades. Just bring your food and enjoy a delicious barbecue. Bon appétit!



Since the barbecue area lies within the grounds of the Obere Au outdoor pool, the pool prices have to be paid.

Business hours

Same as Obere Au outdoor pool season

  • Electric barbecue: Monday - Sunday 10am - 8pm
  • Coal barbecue: Monday - Sunday from 11.30am and from 5.30pm - only during fair weather conditions

Further information

Obere Au Barbecue Area

Sportanlagen Chur, Grossbruggerweg 6
7000 Chur

Phone +41 81 254 42 88


Source: Chur Tourismus

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