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Obere Au skate park

The skate park "Betongarta" at Obere Au Chur is surrounded by trees and green areas and fits seamlessly into the riverbank of the adjoining and meanwhile renaturalised Mühlbach stream. Sportsmen and sportswomen refresh themselves at the drinking fountain and then sit at a sunny spot on the banks of the Mühlbach stream. The skate park is an important addition to the leisure facilities in the Obere Au sports facilities and thus also for the city of Chur.

The skate park is suitable for skateboards, inline skates,  BMX bikes and scooters and is illuminated in the evening.

Use at your own risk.


Arrival by public transport
From Chur train station take bus no. 2 (Rtg Obere Au) to bus stop "Obere Au" (9 min.).

Arrival by car
Motorway exit Chur Süd, then follow "P&R Obere Au".

Parking "Obere Au" - 1st hour free.



Business hours

Open year-round 

  • only in dry weather
  • Sunday - Thursday: full day, in the evening until 10.30 pm (lighting possible by pressing the sensor)
  • Friday/Saturday: full day, in the evening until 11.30pm (lighting possible by pressing the sensor)

Further information

Obere Au skate park

Grossbruggerweg 6
7000 Chur

Phone +41 81 254 42 88


Source: Chur Tourismus

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