Event Zizers

Film service in the Reformed Church Trimmis

Rev. Josias Burger, Rev. Evelyn Cremer, Rev. Désirée Bergauer, Rev. Heinz-Ulrich Richwinn.

Evang.-ref. Kirchgemeindehaus Zizers

Vialstrasse 13, 7205 Zizers


27.08.2023 at 10:00 o'clock
Evang.-ref. Kirchgemeindehaus Zizers

A project of evang. - ref. parishes Trimmis/Says, Untervaz and Zizers. If you need a taxi service, please contact the parish office of the Evangelical parish telephone: 081 322 15 65.


Responsible for this content Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde Zizers.
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