I'm Frank

A project by and with Julia Häusermann.


06.04.2022 at 19:30 o'clock
Patron: CHF 42.00
Regular: CHF 28.00
Discount: CHF 15.00

"I'm Frank" is a playful invitation to immerse yourself in Frank's worlds. This is how the actress Julia Häusermann calls herself at work, after Frank Levinsky from the series "Forbidden Love". This is the starting point for a search movement. In it, play meets assertion, passions and the arts of transformation meet, anger and love, sadness and joy lie above and next to each other. Julia Häusermann is far more than Frank and far more than Julia. She is a medium, a performer who transforms into ghosts, pop icons, telenovela figures, machines and entertainers. With all her senses she moves, grieves, gets angry and laughs from the heart. Playful, self-forgotten, appropriate and affirmative. In this sense, the evening also invites you to take a new look at the nature and the interwoven relationship between norm and deviation, mind and nature, femininity and masculinity.


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