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Happy For Real

They have come to stay: Happy for Real focus on pop music with edges. With their new EP "desperate art" live at Werkstatt Chur.


03.03.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 20.00 / 10.00
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Everything. Except. Desperate. Happy for Real have come to stay - not to please. With their debut EP, they consciously go against current trends and are not afraid to take offense thematically. How do they achieve this? With driving guitars, lyrics that hit the zeitgeist and a relaxed attitude towards the dominant meritocracy.

After a musical discovery phase last year, Happy for Real from Chur are back with their first EP "desperate art". With musical influences from the great indie phase of the noughties, the two members Olivia Virgolin and Marcus Petendi are bucking current nineties trends and focusing on pop music with an edge. Recorded largely on their own and completed in Wales with producer Gethin Pearson, their music is now rougher and less pleasing. This was a conscious decision by the duo, who not only deliberately chose an ironic name, but also wanted to test the limits of what was possible with a wink on previous singles such as "About Time".

More guitar, less frippery. The self-proclaimed "over-produced" pop music has now given way to a less polished sound. This is also reflected in the different musical backgrounds that the two musicians bring with them from pop and punk formations in Chur. The newly created mix can be located somewhere between Bloc Party and unexpected detours to Phoenix and Paramore.

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