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Listen Deeply – Ensemble Proton Bern

With the world premiere of Lucerne-based electronic artist Martina Lussi and Pauline Oliveros' "Earth Ears: A Sonic Ritual", the Ensemble Proton brings together two different worlds of sound.


23.06.2024 from 17:00 to 20:00 o'clock

The first collaboration between the Lucerne electronic artist Martina Lussi and the Ensemble Proton Bern brings together two different sound worlds with a world premiere by Martina Lussi and a revival by Pauline Oliveros. Lussi's piece explores various methods and techniques to fuse acoustic instruments with an electronic soundscape and explore the extremes of this "psycho-acoustic" mix. While the piece "Earth Ears: A Sonic Ritual", written by Oliveros in 1983, explores the subtlety of a space-time continuum.

Concept/Curation - Coco Schwarz
Curation - Maximilian Haft
Flute - Bettina Berger
Oboe - Martin Bliggenstorfer
Clarinet - Richard Haynes
Bassoon - Elise Jacoberger
Harp - Vera Schnider
Live Electronics - Coco Black
Live-Elektronik - Martina Lussi
Violin - Maximilian Haft
Violoncello - Jan-Filip Ťupa

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