Massimo Rocchi "live"

Massimo Rocchi «live»

Saturday, March 26, 2022, beginning at 8:00 pm
Multi-purpose hall Tircal Domat/Ems


26.03.2022 from 20:00 to 22:35 o'clock
Price Category 1: CHF 55.00

The poet of laughter serves freshly prepared numbers, but also classics from his kitchen of ideas. The menu includes pantomime and speech acrobatics and presents subtle facts about life, the gods and other craziness, as well as the absurdities of human existence. Massimo Rocchi does not stand for a generation or a country, but for emotions beyond geographical boundaries.

With playful curiosity and poetic gaze, he wanders the world, burns his feet on the beach of Rimini, rides on proud Lipizzaners, conducts orchestras, wonders if God is a Swiss, charms Europe, brings light into the confusion of languages and at some point even discovers the most famous camel in the world: not Suleika, no, but the Trump... eltier.

Massimo Rocchi is an Italian-European Swiss by choice with a double passport. Rocchi is European in spirit, a true Swiss at heart. He observes his surroundings and is always able to surprise with the view from the outside: loving and accurate, evil and infinitely tender, he shows Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer how they affect others.

Participating artists: Massimo Rocchi


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