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His new mini-album "Da Casa" describes the deep gratitude and contentment that the Rhaeto-Romanic has transformed into six new songs.


22.05.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 30.00
CHF 20.00 (members of Werkstatt Chur, students, KulturLegi)
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Mattiu has the talent to create a magical sense of well-being with his voice and thus takes his listeners out of their everyday lives for a brief moment. A lot has happened to the 25-year-old Rhaeto-Romanic within a year: In spring 2022, Mattiu presented an impressive debut with his EP "Sur La Selva", which earned him the SRF3 Best Talent award and a sold-out tour through Graubünden as well as numerous festival shows.

"Sur La Selva" also entered the top 100 of the Swiss album charts. Mattiu is now doubling down in spring 2024 with the new EP "Da Casa" and proves that he can perform scenes and images with his expressive and characterful voice in such an overwhelming and captivating way that goosebumps are guaranteed even without understanding the lyrics.

"Da Casa" comprises six new songs. The eponymous title track is the centerpiece of the mini-album. Meaning "home" or "at home" in German, it describes a deep gratitude and contentment that Mattiu associates with the feeling of "being at home". This emotion can be triggered both by a place and by certain people.

With his extraordinary voice and his feel for profound themes in songwriting, he manages to touch and inspire his listeners time and time again.


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