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Actually, the invitation sounds perfect: six days in a holiday home in France.


25.10.2021 from 19:30 to 21:15 o'clock

Actually, the invitation sounds perfect: six days in a holiday home in France. Relaxation from everyday life, crowned by the apple harvest in your own garden, with back home comes the self-pressed juice. However, the parents of Laurent, Quentin and Denis only know each other from parents' evenings. Is it any wonder that behind the façade of this perfect holiday idyll it quickly begins to smoulder? Could it be that the hosts Jean and Jacqueline did not invite the others without any ulterior motive? Where does the strangely chilled mood between Bernhard and his wife Veronika come from? Is Filipp really as good a partner to his partner Salome as his attractive appearance suggests? And what, please, is it about the strange occurrences that even the perfectionist Jean can no longer ignore at some point?" Where do people really get to know each other? At the latest on holiday! A very, very realistic new novel by Max Küng. And his most exciting!" - Maxim Biller

Max Küng was born in Maisprach near Basel in 1969. He completed a commercial apprenticeship at UBS in Liestal. His dream job from childhood was to become a rich bank director. Next, he began training as a computer programmer, which he stopped after a short time. At the age of 25, he began his one-and-a-half-year apprenticeship at the Ringier School of Journalism. Since 2000 he has regularly written columns and reports for "Das Magazin". Max Küng lives with his wife and two sons in Zurich.


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