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Méryll Ampe


Kulturgarage at OKRO

Tittwiesenstrasse 21, 7000 Chur


08.12.2022 from 20:15 to 21:45 o'clock
Kulturgarage at OKRO

As a sound and visual artist, Méryll Ampe develops works of art using field recordings and electronics. She makes connections between musical and visual practice by using techniques directly related to sculpture: cutting into the mass, modeling, chiseling, using digital tools of sound processing and analog tools that make it possible to create echo, tensions, breaks and interruptions. In this way, Méryll composes orchestrated and spatial sounds. She invests in places and composes soundtracks in situ. In performance practice, Méryll Ampe understands improvisation as a "plan sequence" that reveals the immersive composition of space.

Méryll Ampe's work is multi-layered. She collaborates with artists, musicians, choreographers and video artists and her works are shown internationally in institutions and festivals.


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