Moulagenmuseum – Insight Into Zurich's Medical Teaching

Die Ausstellung im Moulagenmuseum der Universität und des Universitätsspitals Zürich

Moulages are wax molds of skin diseases which were previously used in the medical sector for educational and documentation purposes.This collection of medical molds dates back to 1917 and enjoys a worldwide reputation for including the best-preserved, most lifelike wax molds. The museum has over 1,800 of these replicas, around 600 of which are on display in its showrooms. 

Moulagenmuseum – Insight Into Zurich's Medical Teaching

Haldenbachstrasse 14, 8091 Zürich


Lifelike images of diseased body parts – a visit to the Moulagenmuseum of the University and University Hospital Zurich is rather different.


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