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Nicole Johänntgen Labyrinth (CH), MoonMot (CH/GB)

JazzChur Summer Festival


26.07.2024 from 19:00 to 22:30 o'clock

Nicole Johänntgen sax, Jon Hansen tba, David Stauffacher perc

Nicole Johänntgen's new album Labyrinth come across powerfully; groovy, experimental, sometimes melancholic and here and there you can hear the flair of the Motown era of the 70s. Everything sounds as if it was somewhere outside, spontaneously created at a session. But there is much more behind it, as the unconventional line-up of saxophone, tuba and percussion offers unimagined new possibilities. Nicole Johänntgen is an experienced musician who plays her instrument sensitively and expressively with all kinds of virtuoso and above all natural technical tricks up to a kind of slap technique.

Cath Roberts as/bars, Dee Byrne as, Simon Petermann tb, Oli Kuster p, Seth Bennett db, Johnny Hunter dr

The sextet plays contemporary jazz with musicians from Switzerland and Great Britain. The musical stylistic devices of MoonMot include the three pairs of opposites composition/improvisation, acoustic/electronic sounds and even/odd time signatures. In doing so, the formation always has the tradition of jazz and the developments of other musical styles in mind. At the front are the two London saxophonists Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne next to the Swiss trombonist Simon Petermann, the rhythm section consists of keyboardist Oli Kuster from Bern, bassist Seth Bennett from Scotland and drummer Johnny Hunter from Manchester.


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