Peach Weber invites you to the "Gäxplosion"

In 2021, Peach Weber's 16th tour across Switzerland will start.


27.10.2021 from 20:00 to 22:15 o'clock
1 Category CHF 59.00
2 Category CHF 49.00
3 Category CHF 39.00

In 2021, Peach Weber's 16th tour across Switzerland will start. The audience can be excited, because the Swiss comedy veteran is not resting on his laurels, but is once again completely reinventing himself.

While Peach Weber has mainly performed gäx, poems and songs in his previous 15 programs, he amazes in the new program "Gäxplosion" with poems, songs and gäx!

Its development is unstoppable. As a highlight of the change, for example, he will wear different socks on this tour and eat no shabby ham sandwiches as snacks, but only salami sandwiches. This as a sign of the great new beginning.

Peach, the Gäx epicenter

Peach has been active in the comedy industry for over 40 years and inspires the audience. His current program "Gäxplosion" is considered the latest product from Silly Valley and conquers the world on a wide variety of channels such as CD, Mockt-ify and so on. The audience literally explodes with laughter. People suddenly find meaning in their lives again, stop smoking and drinking, stop taking drugs. They are working for peace all over the world and will prevent the climate catastrophe with all their might. Dictators are overthrown, democracies are established, the earth becomes paradise again... and all this only because of him: Peach Weber, the popping frog from Aargau!

From then on, he will probably receive the Nobel Peace Prize every year, reconcile the world religions and bring them to a common denominator. James Bond will ask him for advice. A monument will be erected to him that will tower over all the skyscrapers in the world. The Burj Khalifa will look like a suppository next to it. Newborns on all continents will be christened "Peach". But he will not be impressed by all this, remains modest and will clean up the Hallenstadion himself after his farewell performance on 15 October 2027 and hand it over swept clean.

Yes, that's how he is, the master, the atomic bomb among the ladies' princes, the Titanic among the pedalos, the Mortadella among the Cipollatas – Peach Weber.


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