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Pina Palau

Her songs are obsessed with the everyday: they bring out the poetry of situations and people that seem all too familiar.


16.10.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 22.00 / CHF 12.00
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Pina Palau has always been interested in unvarnished humanity - the motives, emotions and stories that shape our lives. This curiosity led her to study medicine. The goal? To research the human psyche as a psychiatrist. But the plan would have to wait: her debut album "Illusion", including the hit single "Jupi", was released at the same time. Before she knew it, the Swiss singer was suddenly sitting at the wheel of her tour bus across Europe instead of in a psychiatrist's chair.

Appearances in front of Courtney Barnett and Alex Lahey followed, as well as concerts at the Reeperbahn Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival. With them: a wonderful band between dark fuzz guitars, melodic bass lines and a drum set as dry as Pina Palau's humor. The second album "Get A Dog" was released at the beginning of 2024 via Mouthwatering Records.

It was inspired by greats such as Adrienne Lenker (Big Thief), Julia Jacklin, Phoebe Bridgers and Joan Baez as well as Patti Smith. On the new record, Pina Palau dissects everyday stories with the same enthusiasm that once drove her to study the cardiovascular system or inflammatory mediators. Always with the urgent desire to understand what makes us humans tick. Simple as that, isn't it?

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