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Polenta7000 | 7200 seconds with Jeanine Etter


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Jeanine will suddenly shoot the sound into your legs while a merciless clock visible to everyone counts the countdown to zero to the second.


30.09.2022 from 21:00 to 23:00 o'clock
Hat money

At that moment, your 7200 seconds of happiness begin. Because the end is already fixed at the beginning, and the clock is ticking for everyone... and then Polenta7000 is history again.

We are in the year 2 n. Polenta7000, the whole world has virtually crawled back into everyday life in Chur... The whole world? No! Indomitable Polentarians have heard the call of the theatre: We are allowed to be guests. And that's why you do. The Büvetta is back, this time in collaboration with the workshop and the theatre. And of course there is wine and beer and long drinks and what it takes. A song also sounds from the speakers. Sometimes even with a dedicated disc jockey. Well and there you can order and drinks and nibble and listen to music, take your friends with you and chat with them and exchange news and crack jokes. Of course, it also has seating. Even by the fire. Benches, chairs, pallets or you lean casually against a table. It's best to just drop by. But you don't have to.


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