Practice love


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Documentary dance theatre. From 11 years.


17.03.2022 at 10:15 o'clock
17.03.2022 at 19:30 o'clock
18.03.2022 at 10:15 o'clock
18.03.2022 at 14:15 o'clock
Patron: CHF 42.00
Regular: CHF 28.00
Discount: CHF 15.00
Children and adolescents up to 18 years: CHF 10.00

Nora and Ives explore love. They wonder to themselves and others how young and older people sought, found or missed their love. Nora and Ives also practice what it's like to be in a wedding dress. They practice together and realize that they are often in very different worlds - have completely different ideas and even more questions: Am I loyal to my partner? Do I want to have children?

Physical, performative, emotional: "Practicing love" addresses possible aspects of love relationships in a very personal and relaxed way and also speaks openly about homosexuality. It is a piece about something that concerns us all and encourages us to think about our own wishes – and perhaps also to exchange them. Both fail because of the images of society, face the pain and the desire for their own. The search never stops, and that's nice! After all, there's nothing more important than love – right?

From 11 years.


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