Public guided tour of the special exhibition in the Rhaetian Museum

«measure, regulate, order – on the road in the 19th century with Johann Coaz».


15.02.2022 at 12:15 o'clock
Price 4.– / 6.–

In the 19th century, scientists and technicians explored the world with new methods and tried to record it systematically: biologists, geologists and glaciologists explain nature, cartographers depict the landscape, engineers expand the transport network and protect the population from natural hazards. With a scientific view, humans conquer their environment in a previously unknown way. Gradually, however, the awareness is also emerging that the overused nature also needs protection from civilization. Johann Coaz (1822–1918) from Graubünden took part in these developments as an engineer, naturalist and forest inspector and helped shape them. We accompany him on a journey through various fields of research of the 19th century, in which his versatile work can be experienced.

The number of participants is limited and admission is only possible with a valid Covid certificate. Reserve your place on info@rm.gr.ch / 081 257 48 40.


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