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Public guided tour through the anniversary exhibition

Discover 150 objects from 150 years of the Rhaetian Museum on this guided tour. Precious, old and rare can be found as well as surprising, banal or weird

Raetian Museum

Hofstrasse 1, 7000 Chur


13.12.2022 from 18:00 to 19:15 o'clock
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Raetian Museum

Since the Baroque period, princes or wealthy citizens in many places have liked to present extraordinary objects in so-called cabinets of curiosities: natural objects, art objects, antiques and curiosities. Here everything came together in a colorful and fascinating mixture.

The modern museum as we know it today is a bourgeois invention of the 19th century. At that time, new exhibition venues were built all over Europe. The Rhaetian Museum also dates from this period: the lawyer, historian and politician Peter Conradin von Planta-Zuoz (1815–1902) initiated a "Graubünden Foundation for Science and art" with the aim of founding a museum. In doing so, he wanted to counteract the continuing emigration of valuable cultural assets from Graubünden. On June 8, 1872, the Rhaetian Museum opened its first exhibition on the ground floor of Haus Buol. Since then, objects on the history of Graubünden have been collected here. The holdings now comprise around 100,000 objects.

For the anniversary, we invite you on a journey of discovery through the museum treasures on the basis of 150 selected exhibits. For each year since the opening, an object has been selected that found its way into the collection that year. Thus, the exhibition shows a representative cross-section: precious, old and rare can be found here as well as surprising, banal or weird, all side by side, in the style of the former Wunderkammer. The many small stories that are told in this way not only provide exciting insights into the past, but also bridge the gap between the origins of the collection and today's historical museum of Graubünden and its tasks.

Registration: info@rm.gr.ch / 081 257 48 40


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