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Reformiart, khusch drus? - Theme nights 2023

"In the same image and on an equal footing". The polyphonic commitment of Reformed women. With theologian Gabriela Allemann and pastor Miriam Neubert. Music: Johanna Heim, soprano. Comanderjahrkoll. Apé

Regula Church

Reichsgasse 15, 7000 Chur


23.11.2023 from 19:00 to 20:00 o'clock
Regula Church

"In the same image and on an equal footing"
The polyphonic commitment of Reformed women, for

which many people once risked their lives, is now a matter of course for many. What did the Reformation once mean, and what does it mean today? How has it changed not only our faith, but also our ordinary everyday life? And why should all this still be important in times of smartphones and social media? A series of events with clever presentations, entertaining conversations and wonderful music.

The theologian Gabriela Allemann is president of the Evangelical Women Switzerland. It stands for a life in communion between men and women, creation and divine power. Together with Pastor Miriam Neubert, she explores the question of how the equality of women and men can become a reality as quickly as possible. The event will be musically framed by the soprano Johanna Heim.

Cordial invitation to the subsequent aperitif

The event is public and free of charge. The collection will be used for a social garden project and for the support of the non-profit association "machbar"




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