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Silent Has


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On a farewell tour.


04.03.2022 from 19:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Price CHF 46.00

Visitors experience Stiller Has for the last time in Chur. For 30 years, Endo Anaconda and his band Stiller Has have been delighting society with critical lyrics. His album "Pfadfinder" is no exception. It is the last album of Stiller Has. It goes on a farewell tour, Endo Anaconda will dissolve Stiller Has after more than 32 years.

When the crows hit the car and the love has moved south, when the scouts are already in the front yard and the beautiful moments last only fractions of a second, then it is time for the rabbit to hit the hook again. The world is becoming more complex and incomprehensible. More absurd and threatening. The only thing that remains for us as hope is the man who holds out his larger-than-life poetry to the world. So that we can laugh, where everything would be just for crying. Endo Anaconda won't leave us hanging.

If the empty battery of the mobile phone interrupts the self-staging, then only life and death remain. Endo ages on "Pfadfinder", the 12th studio album by Stiller Has, with philosophical greatness and surrounds himself with a new musical garb, so that even those who have not yet listened to his wise words may finally hear him. In dark and good times, it takes you like him to guide you through the existentialist swamps of the present. And when he plays the trumpet on the roof at the end of "füdliblutt" and says succinctly: "Es chönnti Kunscht si u nid nume Krach", we definitely know that the rabbit has not yet forgotten how to hop.

Endo Anaconda – Voice & Lyrics
Boris Klečić - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass
Roman Wyss - piano, organ, trombone
Bruno Dietrich - drums, percussion, bass, hand organ, ukulele, piano, organ


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