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Singing with Flurin

There is singing together again and also laughing. The audience is the choir.


01.11.2023 from 19:30 to 22:15 o'clock
CHF 20.00
Restaurant Marsoel

"Singing with Flurin" – a success story on all levels. Wonderful, casual and relaxed evenings in Mars oil and happy faces all around. Caviezel's goal of bringing society back together has been achieved. And since the desire for a continuation of this singing together became louder and louder, it will continue in 2023. On four Wednesday evenings in spring, summer, autumn and winter, people sing and laugh together again.

Singing relaxes, singing makes you happy and when you sing, the cuddle hormone oxytocin is released. For once, you not only see and hear the Graubünden cabaret artist and musician Flurin Caviezel, no, the audience joins in, everyone sings with him. The text is projected onto the cinema screen and off you go. Together instead of alone. And if someone doesn't hit the right note, no problem, those on the left and right will drown it out.

The singing is deliberately supported only by a piano. On the one hand, this has the advantage that tempo and key can be adjusted immediately, directly and easily, and on the other hand, that the vocals are given more space, more sound.

On one evening, three sets of about 30 minutes each are sung. The songs of the individual sets have a common motto. This can be, for example, a season, a special category such as love songs, or songs of a certain music group such as Abba or Beatles.

In addition to various languages, songs in the cantonal languages, Walser German, Romansh and Italian also have a firm place in the repertoire. Hits, evergreens, folk songs, from "Sch'eu füss 'na randulina" to "I'm sailing", from "Azzuro" to "Above the Clouds", "Champs Elysees" to "Hemmige" and much more will be sung and everyone will experience a happy evening. So: "Let it be"!



Stationsstrasse 14, 7206 Igis

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