Anniversary celebration Saturday, 1. June 2024, 11am - 8pm: Free admission to the Obere Au indoor and outdoor pools. Sand outdoor pool regular operation. Fitness and wellness areas closed.

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The children's and youth work invites you to the summer party on Saturday, 8 June. You can expect a colorful and interactive program with live music, performances and shows, children's program and workshops.


Youth House City of Chur

There is a lot going on in the Stadtbaumgarten: In the youth centre, young people and children will find creative opportunities and a wide range of spaces for leisure activities as well as access to low-threshold advice. Various groups, associations as well as music and cultural workers use the premises for practice, training or the implementation of self-organized, socio-cultural offers.

Summer party: something for everyone
The summer festival on the Stadtbaumgarten site offers users a platform to present themselves. The festival is as diverse as the offerings. From dance entertainments to musical performances, but also children, there is no shortage of children: the programme includes theatre workshops or face painting. Visitors can actively participate, attend workshops, try screen printing or simply enjoy the atmosphere, the performances and encounters. Further information about the summer festival and the offers of child and youth work can be found on the homepage .


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