The migration of the elephants


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Puppet theatre by Miguel Fragata & Inês Barahona, Formiga Atómica. From 6 years.


31.05.2022 at 14:15 o'clock
01.06.2022 at 17:15 o'clock
02.06.2022 at 10:15 o'clock
02.06.2022 at 14:15 o'clock
03.06.2022 at 17:15 o'clock
Patron: CHF 42.00
Regular: CHF 28.00
Discount: CHF 15.00

This performance tells of a man's mysterious relationship with a herd of elephants. When the man dies, the elephants make a miraculous hike to his house to pay his last respects. Because he was not just any man, he was one of them.

A performance that deals with the end, which is a mystery for all of us, for children as well as for adults.

The staging was preceded by an extensive research project in which 200 children between the ages of six and ten took part in workshops. The collected material served as inspiration for the performance.

From 6 years. Language: German, Portuguese


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