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The second face

Museum theatre with Martian music

Raetian Museum

Hofstrasse 1, 7000 Chur


11.12.2022 at 10:30 o'clock
17.01.2023 at 19:30 o'clock
29.01.2023 at 10:30 o'clock
15.– for adults; 10.– for AHV recipients and children under the age of 16
Raetian Museum

We are in the distant future. The soldier population on Mars is threatened. An unknown disease is about to destroy the unconditional obedience and discipline of the fighters. In search of the root of the evil, or an antidote, Martian scientists have embarked on an expedition to Earth, destroyed centuries ago, hoping to get to the bottom of the cause.
Under a layer of rubble and ash, they discover a strange building: the Rhaetian Museum. After excavation and restoration work, the Martians are now trying to decipher both the reason for the destruction of the terrestrial population and the meaning and purpose of the place. Was it a department store? Was this once a place of worship? They embark on a journey of discovery through the exhibition rooms. And their science turns out to be a haven of amusing and fatal short circuits full of illusory theses.

The theatrical tour illuminates the collection of the Rhaetian Museum from a new angle.

Play: Monika Dierauer, Nina Eveline Hutter
Music: Andreas Möckli
Director: Eva Roselt


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