To Athena

Melancholic melodies are gently fused with longing strings and lead to a flood of wistful pop.


21.11.2021 from 19:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Price Free admission (collection)

Sunday Moods – under this label there is new music to discover, every Sunday. Admission is free (100% of the collection goes to the band). To Athena's melancholic melodies are gently fused with longing strings and culminate in a flood of wistful pop that dances a cryptic waltz between honesty and lyricism. The combination of synthesizers and string section in the To Athena arrangements is no coincidence. At To Athena (alias Tiffany Athena Limacher) - as the child of a violin maker family of the second generation - string instruments were always present. The soundtrack of her childhood consisted of synth pearls of the 80s. Accordingly, it is obvious that the songwriting is, among other things, a consequence of years of listening up and down by Queen, Beatles and David Bowie. In October 2020, the debut album "Aquatic Ballet" was released. A chamber pop album that has washed itself with cinematic sounds and after epic moments breaks down again into the most fragile substances, leaving the listener in the melancholic uncertainty. The single "Angscht" is To Athena's Swiss-German excursion into one's own insecurity. As a tribute to the diversity of dialects and languages, the song made a journey through the whole of Switzerland: since December 2020, the song, originally sung in the Lucerne dialect, has been interpreted by Swiss musicians in their own dialects. All versions can be heard on the social media stalemates (Instagram and Facebook) of To Athena. "Angscht" has already made stops in St. Gallen (Dachs), Bern (Jeans For Jesus), French-speaking Switzerland (Gina Été), Basel (Fernanda Ramos), Graubünden (Gino Carigiet and Chiara Jacomet), Zurich (Esmeralda Galda and Mille), Solothurn (Hannah Müller), Ticino (Valentin Kopp von Bumblebees), Valais (Tanya Barany) and Schaffhausen (Céline Hales). As the crowning finale of the dialect journey, a final version with all dialects will be published. For the time being, however, one can still be curious about the following dialect covers.


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