Übertribe with Stiu - Live Podcast

Marco "Güschä" Gurtner and Nico Franzoni aka Nico Siempre talk in their podcast about everything and somehow nothing - now finally live.


17.11.2021 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Price CHF 20.00 / CHF 15.00

They talk about intimate piercings, about cream cuts, about Tupperware parties. But they can also tell us what is happening in their lives. The two of them experience a crazy story from time to time.

"Güschä" is one of the most successful slam poets in Switzerland, makes music and is available for almost every cultural project. Nico Siempre has actually done almost everything and is the man for the entertaining videos at watson. While Marco often thinks a little longer until he says something, Nico boards the door into the house right away. This makes "Übertribe mit Stiu" a rollercoaster ride in which the name definitely says it all. In short, the two complement each other perfectly.

The format, which began more than four years ago as a radio broadcast at Radio RaBe, has become an integral part of the Swiss podcast scene today. Meanwhile, the two even have their own TV show called "Switzerland United", in which they each send each other to a Swiss club and let the other jump into the cold water.

Now "Übertribe mit Stiu" goes one step further and will go through the Swiss clubs with a live tour, and they will also make a stop at the Chur workshop. What exactly will happen then? Too much should not be revealed, but you should be prepared for everything.


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