What comes after death?

The question of what comes after death is central to all religions. Theologians from various religious communities will discuss this on a podium in Chur.

Reformierte Landeskirche Graubünden Fachstelle Migration

Loëstrasse 60, 7000 Chur


02.12.2021 from 19:00 to 21:00 o'clock

Is there life after death? Will we be born again? Is death just? And: What happens to our souls? Death remains - and this is certain - a great mystery for everyone. Nevertheless, the question of death is central to all religions. The Grisons Forum of Religions therefore invites theologians from various religious communities to the podium to discuss exactly this. The top-class panel participants explain the teachings of their religions and answer questions from the audience. Panel guests are: Ibrahim Hadzic, Imam, Islamic Religious Community and Bosnian Cultural Association Chur; Eva-Maria Faber, Professor of Theological University of Chur, Catholic Church; Jörg Lanckau Professor of Biblical Theology and Church History at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Reformed Church; Yanurai Ragoorai, Tamil-Hindu community Zizers, Natascha Keller-Gassmann Tibetan Buddhist community Ganden Chökhor Churwalden, Azamit Berhane, Eritrean Orthodox community Chur Richard Breslauer, Dr. phil., Jewish community.
Constanze Broelemann, pastor and editorial director of "reformiert." will moderate the event. The event will be musically accompanied by the Graubünden world music trio Calabrun. An exciting evening, not least for confirmands.The public event is part of the annual program of the Graubünden Forum of Religions Association. Admission is free.


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