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Blue Deal (Blues Concert)

By winning the "German Blues Challenge" in 2023, Blue Deal was named the best blues act in Germany.


15.11.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
20.- Apprentices, students, Kulturlegi
30.- Bluesclub Chur
Door opening 19:00
Streaming Hall, Handmade Music

By winning the "German Blues Challenge" in 2023, Blue Deal was named the best blues act in Germany. In 2024, the band will represent Germany at the 'European Blues Challenge' in Braga (Portugal) and the 'International Blues Challenge' in Memphis (USA). Fresh, powerful and experienced: Tom Vela is currently one of the best guitarists of the 'New Blues Generation' in Germany. The synergy with Jürgen Schneckenburger, Martin Bürger and old master Joe Fischer (former Cadillac Blues Band) makes Blue Deal an innovative cross-generational project. From roots blues to pure rock - everything in between - and beyond. Much to the delight of fans and the international trade press: "Pulsating grooves, strong guitar parts and the extremely versatile, raw voice" result in "...well-written songs from a creative, up-and-coming band..." (Blues Matters!, N° 129, Dec/Jan 2023) Blue Deal's full range can only be felt and experienced after attending a concert - that's the unanimous opinion. The songs tell stories from life and also take a critical stance on current issues. With four tours of Scotland under their belt, the band proves that blues rock "Made in Germany" can be authentic and internationally successful.

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Streaming Hall, Handmade Music

Grossbruggerweg 3, 7000 Chur

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