Sport- und Eventanlagen Chur, Schweiz


The sports and event facilities in Chur offer a varied experience at all times of the year for sportspeople, families and connoisseurs in the area of sport, fitness, wellness, leisure and gastronomy at locations in Obere Au, Sand, Quader and Ringstrasse.


Obere Au location
Grossbruggerweg 6, 7000 Chur
+41 81 254 42 88

Opening hours (08.-21.03.2021)
Monday-Friday, 11.30am-9.30pm; Saturday/Sunday, 11.30am-6pm

Sand location
Sand outdoor pool
St. Luzistrasse 7, 7000 Chur 
+41 81 254 42 99  

Quader location
Quader outdoor ice rink
Masanserstrasse 22, 7000 Chur
+41 81 254 42 99

Ringstrasse location
Ringstrasse sports ground
Ringstrasse 45, 7000 Chur
+41 81 254 42 88

Lost and Found

No liability for found objects.

  • Keys, watches, jewellery, purses are stored for 1 year
  • Bathing clothes, bath towels, toys etc. are stored for 4 weeks

After that period the found objects are sent to social institutions for further use.

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