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Local recreation area Obere Au Mühlbach

Naherholungsgebiet Mühlbach Obere Au
Kneipp-Anlage Obere Au

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Naherholungsgebiet Mühlbach Obere Au
Enjoy sunny walks along the renatured Obertorer Mühlbach, which flows through the area of the Obere Au sports facilities.


The Obertorer Mühlbach stream was relocated over a length of about 550 m. The course of the stream begins at the end of the intersection Rossboden- / Pulvermühlestrasse and ends at the bus stop at Oberen Au. Water is flowing through the ecologically designed, renaturalised riverbed since mid-April 2019. The amount of water has been reduced and the stream can therefore also be entered. Best place to enter it is at the new Kneipp water-treading basin between the boccia facility and the riding stables.

The renaturalised riverbed thus enables habitats for animals and a local recreation area for walkers and cyclists. The boccia and skate park are located right next to the inviting banks of the Mühlbach stream. Curved pedestrian bridges allow safe crossing of the stream and large concrete steps along the shore at the skate park invite you to linger.

In the area of the existing indoor riding arena, the Mühlbach runs temporary underground over a length of 30 metres until the indoor riding arena is dismantled in 2024.

Opening hours

The Mühlbach stream is freely accessible at any time.


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Local recreation area Obere Au Mühlbach

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