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Find out everything about the organisation, structures and history of Chur sports and event facilities. 

Chur sports and event facilities

During all seasons of the year, the sports and event facilities in Chur offer sports enthusiasts, families and connoisseurs a wide range of experiences in the areas of sports, fitness, wellness, leisure and gastronomy.


  • Indoor swimming pool with 25m pool, diving tower, learning pool, paddling pool, slide
  • Aquamarine warm water wellness pool with outside pool, massage jets and tables, whirlpool bay 
  • Obere Au outdoor swimming pool with 50m pool, learning pool, paddling pool, slides, beach volleyball, barbedue area, take-away
  • Sand outdoor swimming pool with 50m pool, learning pool, paddling pool, bistro 
  • Air dome Obere Au with 50m pool in winter 

Field sports

  • 3 artificial turf pitches and 2 grass pitches at Obere Au
  • 2 grass pitches at Ring Strasse with stadium for 1800 spectators

Ice sports

  • Thomas Domenig Stadium (ice rinkt) for 2800 spectators
  • Quader outdoor ice rink in the city centre with skate rentals and Khurer Gnusswaga (food stall) 
  • Obere Au outdoor ice rink


  • Gym for weight and cardio training
  • Group fitness with wide selection of health, fitness and cardio courses
  • Woodchip jogging trail 


  • Sauna area with Finnish sauna, bio sauna, herb sauna, steam bath, sauna courtyard, infrared cabin and quiet room 
  • Solarium
  • Infrared cabins from Physiotherm
  • Massages


  • Boccia with 4 courts and clubhaus
  • Skate park «Betongarta» lit up at night
  • Beach volleyball at Obere Au outdoor pool
  • Day-care centre «Ameisenland»
  • Mühlbach river recreation area


  • Obere Au sports restaurant open daily all year round 
  • Obere Au take-away in summer
  • Barbecue area at Obere Au outdoor pool
  • Khurer Gnusswaga at Obere Au outdoor pool and Quader outdoor ice rink
  • Bistro at Sand outdoor pool

History of municipal sports facilities in Chur 


Vote over Obere Au submission (accepted) 

1974 Opening of first development phase

Acquisition and afiliation of Sand outdoor pool

Opening of  indoor stadium (private association)


Extension sauna

Opening of solariums 

1983 Development of 2 football pitches replacing the Felsenau pitch 
1985 Construction of the slide at the indoor pool

New steam bath

New slide at Obere Au outdoor pool

1993 Extension gym 

New sauna 2

Afiliation Ring Strasse sports ground 


Construction and opening of Obere Au skate area 

1998 Construction of second slide at Obere Au outdoor pool 
1999  New sauna outdoor area

New Aquamarine warm water wellness pool

Closure of Calanda Strasse ice rink and therefore relocation of skate area to Calanda Strasse


Closure Calanda Strasse skate area

Opening of Fit-Äria (group fitness)

2004 Trial phase Quader mobile ice rink

Return of the tennis facilities to the city of Chur 


Acquisition of Quader mobile ice rink

Roofing of the Obere Au outdoor pool (air dome) for winter use 

2010 Completion of paddling pool at Obere Au outdoor pool
2011 Three new infrared cabins 
2016 Formulation of a masterplans to secure the long-term and orderly development of Chur sports and event facilities 

Opening of first artificial turf pitch at Obere Au

Acquisition of indoor stadium


Opening of second artificial turf pitch at Obere Au

Vote over the "EISBALL" project - grand stand for field sports, 4 new grass pitches, indoor training ice rink at Obere Au (accepted)


Opening of third artificial turf pitch at Obere Au

Opening of boccia facilities with club house 

Opening of skate park «Betongarta»

Renaturation of Obertorer Mühlbach stream at Obere Au

Opening of the exhibition and event site at Obere Au


Opening of bycicle shed

Construction start of Obere Au indoor training ice rink (estimated opening in 2022)

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