The sports restaurant will be closed from 5. to 29. September 2022 due to construction work - 

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Pool fun.

Children’s Play Afternoon

Kinderspielnachmittag im Hallenbad Obere Au Chur
Watch out, water lovers!

The large pool in the indoor pool is completely available to children, the lanes are removed and the pool is filled with various play equipment, such as rings, noodles, planks, etc. The diving boards and slides invite you in to play!

Dates | Location

All year on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2 - 4pm, at the Obere Au indoor pool

The play afternoon is not available on 17. September 2022.

Summer: From May to August, the indoor pool closes at 11.30 am if the weather is nice and warm. In this case, the play afternoon (Wednesdays and Saturdays) will take place in the outdoor pool.


  • No registration required
  • Not suitable for non-swimmers

"Play fun" for parents and children

Parents can individually play the so-called "Spielspass" (play fun) with their children during the play afternoons. The children solve various tasks. For each task solved, the parents put a stamp on the stamp card. If the stamp card is full, the child receives a surprise from the lifeguard team. The "Spielspass" can be obtained from the lifeguard.

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