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Chur Sports and Event Facilities

During all seasons of the year, the sports and event facilities in Chur offer sports enthusiasts, families and connoisseurs a wide range of experiences in the areas of sports, fitness, wellness, leisure and gastronomy. In the summer, you can enjoy two outdoor swimming pools, play beach volleyball, or exercise on the field sports pitches and on the woodchip cross-country trail. The winter facilities include two outdoor and an indoor ice-skating rink, as well as an indoor pool, an air dome and the Aquamarine hot water wellness pool. Group fitness classes are offered throughout most of the year, and, in addition to a gym, there is also a sauna, solarium, as well as a Boccia court and skate park that are available for use all year round. Child supervision and entertainment is provided, and connoisseurs can treat themselves to a culinary break in the sports restaurant or at the barbecue area in summer.

An overview of the sports facilities
The brochure of the sports and event facilities in Chur gives you an overview of all facilities, offers and products.
Chur sports and event facilities brochure (German only)

Our sports highlights

  • Pools

    You are spoiled for choice: whether the air dome in winter, two outdoor pools in summer or the indoor pool and Aquamarine hot water wellness pool all year round - you can always dive right in with us!

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  • Field sports

    Use the field sports facilities on the Ring Strasse sports field and on the Obere Au. The natural grass pitches are open from March to November and the artificial turf pitches are open all year round.

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  • Ice sports

    Whether on the open-air ice rinks in the city centre and on the Obere Au or in the Thomas Domenig Stadium - ice skating in Chur is (almost) possible all year round.

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Our fitness & wellness highlights

  • Fitness

    Stay fit with our diverse range of group fitness classes or work on your strength and endurance in the gym or on the woodchip running trail. Extra value for you: attractive opening hours and pools included.

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  • Wellness

    Relax in the Aquamarine hot water wellness pool. Warm up your body in the sauna or in the infrared cabins and enjoy a beautiful complexion from the solarium.

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Our offers for groups
Here you will find an overview of all group offers, which can also be combined with one another. We would be happy to assist you with your planning.
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Our leisure & family highlights

  • Leisure

    You can enjoy playing a round of Boccia, stroll along the Mühlbach river or exert yourself in the skate park or while playing beach volleyball - the range of leisure activities on offer is wide.

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  • Families

    Parents benefit from the convenient day-care centre and children can enjoy an afternoon of games or explore the paddling pool and slides, as well as admire fish in the aquarium.

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Our gastronomy highlights

  • Cuisine in the sports facilities

    Whether you are spoiled with a 3-course menu in the Obere Au sports restaurant, enjoy a burger in the Khurer Gnusswaga or prepare your own delicacies at the barbecue area - there is something for everyone.

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