Opening hours indoor pool: Mon-Fri, 7-8am and 11.30am-1.30pm; Sat/Sun/holidays, 9am-6pm. There may be waiting times (limited capacities). - 

Information on measures (last updated 29.04.21)

Pool fun.

Kids’ paddling pools and slides

Non-swimmers and children can get their money’s worth in all of the swimming pools in Chur’s sports facilities.

Obere Au indoor pool

The indoor swimming pool Obere Au has a baby pool with river and places to sit, as well as a learning pool (80cm-1.20m deep) for aspiring bathing belles. The slides guarantee fun for young and old with an 85m long slide with attractions outside of the building.

Obere Au indoor pool

Obere Au outdoor pool

The modern, multi-level children’s padding pool at the Obere Au swimming pool, with lovely water features such as a stream, fountain, waterfall, slide and spray guns brings little ones to the water. The area is shaded by large parasols. For the bigger ones, the wide slide and tube slide in the learning pool (depth up to 1.30m) has a lot of fun in store.

Obere Au outoor pool

Sand outdoor pool

Children can enjoy themselves in the spacious, separated non-swimmers’ area (55cm deep), as well as in the paddling pool with fountain at the Sand outdoor pool.

Sand outdoor pool

Other facilities

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