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Communal lunch

Restaurant Calanda, the Protestant parish and the Bürgergemeinde invite all Felsberg seniors aged 60 and over to a discounted lunch.


19.12.2024 at 12:00 o'clock
CHF 17 for a rich menu incl. water, a glass of wine and a coffee.
Restaurant Calanda

Every 3rd Thursday of the month - except July and August.
Welcome to the community lunch. It has a maximum of 40 seats. First priority is given to those who live in Felsberg. Those who have registered once are still considered registered.
If you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration by 6 p.m. on the Monday before at the Calanda restaurant, telephone 081 252 13 25.
New seniors should also register at this number. If more than 40 are already registered, they will be put on a waiting list. They will then be published on Monday evening due to
of the deregistrations whether they have space or not. The same applies to non-residents, who are listed in the third priority.




Restaurant Calanda

Rheinstrasse 19, 7012 Felsberg

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