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Mike Müller - Class Reunion

Life does not affect everyone equally. A comedy by and with Mike Müller.


31.01.2025 from 19:30 to 20:50 o'clock
CHF 57.00
Theatre Chur

Who doesn't know it, the moment of shock when looking in the mirror, forty years later? Just a moment ago she was still at school and now already a father of three, or even a teacher, butcher or actress himself. Life is not the same for everyone.

A class reunion is just around the corner and you are amazed at the people you were at school with forty years ago. Just in the shot, but probably not for long, they tell each other about fulfilled and less fulfilled biographies. Some people bluff and some fool themselves, and for some the end comes faster than expected, fireworks at the wrong time.

Mike Müller, a gifted specialist for the grey areas of ordinary everyday life in his solo pieces, plays all these characters himself and gives them a voice, sometimes quiet and demanding, sometimes loud and funny, sometimes ostentatious and dreamy, insecure and shy. No one escapes unscathed.

Mike Müller is an actor and author, but above all one of the best-known Swiss comedians. He has worked with Viktor Giacobbo for many years, both on television with the popular late night show "Giacobbo Müller" (2008-2016) and live on theater stages and at Circus Knie, where they performed together in 2019. Mike Müller is known as the lead actor in the Swiss television series "The Undertaker" and can also be seen in the movie of the same name.

From 2000 to 2010, Mike Müller worked as a co-author with director Barbara Weber at the Theater Neumarkt in Zurich on so-called "unplugged" formats and appeared on many well-known German-language stages. In his solo programs, he proves to be a funny, charming chronicler of everyday life in Switzerland, although he is not afraid to put his finger in the wound. Mike Müller has recently enjoyed a successful collaboration with the director and future co-director of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Rafael Sanchez. The latest joint project "A Class Reunion" will now also be on display in Chur.


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