Bike Park Domat/Ems

Amedes Pumptrack Domat/Ems

Pumptrack Amedes, Domat/Ems
Pumptrack Amedes, Domat/Ems
Fun on the bike.


The Amedes pump track , at the foot of the Tuma Carpusa mountain, offers fun and adventure. The track is over 420 meters long and consists of 18 banked curves and more than 60 bumps. On top of that, the track has the longest straight and jump line in all Switzerland with a length of about 150 meters. There is also a kids track for young and inexperienced riders. The pump track offers great opportunities for beginners as well as veteran riders to hone their skills or just have fun..  In between rides, you can take a break at one of the two rest areas that can be accessed from both sides of the facility via a footpath along the Tuma river.


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