Catholic Church Rhäzüns

Church Sogn Gieri Rhäzüns

Kirche Sogn Gieri Rhäzüns
The church Sogn Gieri (Rhaeto-Romanic in the idiom Sursilvan for St. George) is a small church outside the village of Rhäzüns.


The Church of S. Gieri / St. Georg between Bonaduz and Rhazuns was probably the old parish church of both places and is a very special treasure. The oldest building is according to archaeological finds from the 6/7 Century date. In the second Quarter of the 14th Century brought a new choir, and then the interior was equipped with magnificent paintings. Clients were probably the Barons of Rhazuns. A first unknown artist took over the decoration of the chancel, the east wall (it shows the legend of St. George), and a dragon fight and a donor picture on the long north side. From a second, also not particularly well-known artist, the remaining north wall were the West and south walls provided with scenes from the Old and New Testaments, as well as with painted saints stories. For more information about these historic buildings can be found on the website of the parish Rhazuns.

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Daily from 8am-7pm (door closes automatically)


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