Churer millstreams

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Churer Mühlbäche

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The Chur mill streams are witnesses of days long past. Today, they still rush through Chur and offer a special kind of local recreation area in the Obere Au.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  609 m
Lowest Point  552 m
Best Season
bus station Obere Au, Chur
bus station Obere Au, Chur
46.85809, 9.506397



Anyone walking through Chur often hears the water gurgling beneath them or sees small streams rushing past. No, it is not a sewer, it is the Chur mill streams. Since Chur itself has no water of its own and still obtains its drinking water from sources of value, the mill streams were the lifelines of the city for centuries. The Plessur as the dominant river in the landscape flows through Chur, but it has much of a wild mountain stream on which neither goods could be transported nor mills could be driven. Therefore, the construction of the mill streams was the prerequisite for a regulated water supply of Chur. They provided the city with service water and hydroelectric power and enabled industry and the population to survive in Chur. Did you know, for example, that the Chur Quadereis was produced annually with the water of the Mühlbach or that the repair workshop of the SBB was powered by the same water? 


  • The tour is suitable for strollers
  • The tour is wheelchair accessible
  • Book the tour as a culinary tour and enjoy a delicious 3-course menu during your tour


Comfortable footwear


You start your tour directly at the bus stop of the Obere Au. Follow the mill streams past the concrete garden and the Kneipp bath to coffee Merz. Cross the road and go under the highway along Pulvermühle street. Immediately after the roundabout on the right side of the road is the former Pulvermühle. Follow the road a little further and you will also see the mill streams open again. At the end of the Pulvermühle, directly at the roundabout, turn right and after a few meters you will see the mill streams again. Cross the road at the signalized crossing and follow Küblereiweg and later Vogelsangweg onto Sägenstrasse; turn right at the road junction near the climbing center. Follow Sägenstrasse until you have passed Merkle Metallbau and are in front of the CADA small power station. Continue along Sägenstrasse until you reach the roundabout, turn right there and continue to the end of the road. Turn left at the next roundabout and follow Kasernenstrasse to the entrance "Welschdörfli". Diagonally opposite the hotel Schweizerhaus, turn right into Seilerbahnweg and then directly left into St. Margrethenstrasse. Follow this street, cross Malixerstrasse and turn into Höhenbühlweg. Follow this, turn right a little up the slope and then take the first staircase on the left down to Lindenquai (with strollers / wheelchairs follow Malixerstrasse, turn right at the traffic circle and into Lindenquai). Follow the Lindenquai and the Bodmerstrasse; at the retirement home cross the Plessur and follow the Plessurquai and the Sandstrasse to the right until you reach the aqueduct. Immediately afterwards - at the train depot - take the left fork Sandstrasse and follow the path around the sports field. At the end of the path cross St. Luzistrasse and go opposite into Münzweg. Follow the Münzweg until you reach Willy Sand mill; after the mill follow Jochstrasse. After the sculptor's workshop Bianchi turn right and follow the Jochstrasse until the end and the Arcas square. At Arcas go through the "Brotlaube" to Martinsplatz and follow Poststrasse to the crossroads by the UBS building. Cross the big main street (Grabenstrasse) and follow Bahnhofsstrasse to Alexanderplatz and further Alexanderstrasse (past Mc Donald's) to the intersection at Gürtelstrasse. Cross under the tracks and then turn directly left. Between the allotment gardens you will see the millstreams open again. Immediately after, turn right twice until you are in front of the old chocolate factory, now Activ Fitness. Walk across the parking lot (opposite the Activ Fitness entrance) and follow Calandastrasse. At the intersection with Calandastrasse turn right and follow the street until the end and the intersection with Ringstrasse. Turn left here until you reach the roundabout and there turn right into Tittwiesenstrasse. Follow this road until you reach the two high-rise buildings and you will see the millstreams open again in the field opposite these buildings. Follow the mill streams until you reach the "Ententeich" near Mehli Landmaschinen. From here on you can no longer walk along the mill streams, but follow the Rheinmühleweg until you reach the field path. Turn right there and follow the path for a few meters until just before the allotment gardens. Turn left there and follow the path to the banks of the Rhine and the Rhine promenade. At the Rhine turn left and follow the shore to Camp Au; during this walk you will see the mouth of the mill streams on the Rhine. From Camp Au, use the Tennisplatzweg back to Obere Au, the starting and also the end point of your tour.


Public Transport

Travel by train to Chur and continue with the Chur Bus Line 2 to the Obere Au sports facilities.

Anreise Information

Take the Chur Süd freeway exit and at the traffic circle take the "Obere Au" exit. Follow the signs to the Obere Au, where there are sufficient parking facilities.


There are enough parking spaces available, but they are used for the sports facilities both in summer and winter. Thus, there is a possibility that the capacity will be exhausted at some point.


  • first hour free of charge (parking must be started from the first hour onwards
  • after that CHF 1.00 per hour

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