Fireplace Tamins

Fireplace Benis Boden

Feuerstelle Benis Boden
Fireplace Benis Boden


This fireplace is located on the Benis ground and can be reached on foot or by bike from Tamins, Domat/Ems or Felsberg. The barbecue area is separated by a fence so as not to be disturbed by the grazing cows. To ensure that they do not eat the waste of the visitors, the waste must be taken away again. With the available firewood and grate, you can start barbecuing immediately after arrival. There is no playground, but the hilly landscape is still suitable for children and dogs to play. You have to bring your own drinking water.



At the village square of Tamins you can park for 2 hours. Free and over a longer period of time can be parked at the Reichenauerstrasse. At the beginning of the path to the fireplace, the road is paved, then a gravel road continues.


Fireplace Benis Boden

Benis Boden, 7015 Tamins

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