Find yourself.

Forest Yoga

Yoga im Wald
The sun tickling your nose, leaves rustling in the wind and the scent of flowers in the air - the perfect location to relax with Hatha Yoga and find your inner self.


  • from 17. August 2022: regular Hatha Yoga lessons always on Wednesdays, 10 am (day-care available) and Mondays, 4 pm -> if the weather is fine and dry, it will take place outside at the outdoor pool (until the end of October)
  • 18. May – 10. August 2022: every Wednesday, 9 am
  • 4. July - 8. August 2022: every Monday, 6.30 pm


On the wooden platform in the woods of the Obere Au outdoor pool. In bad weather at the FitÄria (group fitness room).


Required at


  • With ChurCard 15 CHF
  • With ChurCard and Sports card 12 CHF
  • General admission 20 CHF
  • General admission with Sports card 15.50 CHF

Other facilities

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