Sport- und Eventanlagen Chur, Schweiz

Forest Yoga

The sun tickling your nose, leaves rustling in the wind and the scent of flowers in the air - the perfect location to relax with Hatha Yoga and find your inner self.


  • 17th June – 29. Juli 2020: every Wednesday, 6.30 - 7.30 pm 
  • 30. June - 25. August 2020: every Tuesday, 9-10 am

On the wooden platform in the woods of the Obere Au outdoor pool. Only in dry weather. Offer without day care.

Registration by the previous day at 081 254 42 88.


With ChurCard 15 CHF
With ChurCard and Sports card 12 CHF
General admission 20 CHF
General admission with Sports card 15.50 CHF

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