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Town Square Chur

Giger square

Gigerplatz mit neu gestaltetem Brunnen
Gigerbrunnen - biomechanische Aluminiumplatten

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Gigerplatz mit Brunnen und Touchscreen-Konsole
Memorial square of the well-known Chur artist HR Giger.


Since November 2015, the square at the junction of Vazerolgasse and Storchengasse has been called Gigerplatz. This is in honour of Hans-Ruedi Giger (1940 - 2014), who was born at Storchengasse 17 and later achieved worldwide fame under his artist name HR Giger. Since the renaming of the square, a simple plaque at Giger's birthplace also commemorates the Oscar-winning creator of the alien monster.

In 2021, the Gigerplatz was upgraded with a new intervention on the initiative of the association "Pro HR Giger" and the city of Chur. The newly designed "Storchenbrunnen" fountain from 1880 is, along with the St. Martin fountain, the oldest, largely original natural stone fountain in Chur's old town. As part of the project, the fountain was framed with black natural stones and the HR Giger logo was embedded in the natural stone base plate on the front side. The highlight of this intervention, however, is in the bottom of the fountain. The impressive fountain with the large octagonal water basin received 21 aluminium plates on the bottom, which were cast with a finely chiselled "biomechanical" pattern according to the original casting pattern and now give the fountain a new dimension and make it the "Giger fountain". The same plates already adorn the Giger Bar in Chur West as well as the bar of the same name in the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères in the canton of Fribourg. The project is rounded off with a touch-screen console where visitors can find out about the life and work of HR Giger in five languages. News from the Pro HR Giger Association will also be regularly posted there.


Giger square

Gigerplatz, 7000 Chur

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