Revision 10.-28. June 2024: Indoor & wellness pool, gym, sauna, massage, infrared closed. Group fitness and day-care in the ice sports training stadium. 

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Public Facility Chur

Grand Council Entrance

Grossratsgebäude und Theater Chur
Grand Council Building and Theater Chur


Sometimes, politics and theatre seem to be the same. But in Chur they only share the same roof: the Grand Council Building houses both the municipal theatre and the Grand Council. The entrance was redesigned by architect Valerio Olgiati in 2008/2009. He named the white concrete extension «Equiliber». It consists of a ramp with a roof and a disc as a column element. The ramp has the same dimensions and proportions as the base of the Grand Council building; at the same time it is the base for the roof. The approximately ninety ton canopy seems to balance on a slightly in-turned disc in the form of a crest.


Grand Council Entrance

Masanserstrasse 3, 7000 Chur

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